New Service Request

Welcome to the Jackson County PWSD 13.  You will have to come into the office to sign up for new service but for your convenience we have attached the necessary forms to apply for new service. 

New Service Application:

1) Please fill out the Service Application & Predominant Use of Water form

2) Bring them into the office along with your drivers license

3) $100.00 refundable deposit in the form of CASH, CHECK or MONEY ORDER.

New Builders or Developers:

1) Please fill out the New Service Application and Predominant Use of Water Forms for each address you are needing water service

2) For your convenience there is a Developers/Builders Guide, if you are new to District #13

3) Costs are dependant on the size of service you are needing, please contact the office

Transfer of Service or Ending Service:

To transfer service from one District 13 account to another or to request a end to your service please contact the office at (816) 578-2249.  A forwarding address will be needed for your final bill or remaining deposit refund.  (if a deposit is held)

We look forward to providing safe, high quality water service.

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